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When your cartilage has worn away, you live with severe joint pain that can cause mobility issues and disrupt your life. Fortunately, Dr. Douglas Blatz offers restorative cartilage surgery at Pacific Regenerative and Interventional Sports Medicine in San Jose, California. Call or schedule a consultation online today to learn about your options for treating joint pain including cartilage surgery.

Cartilage Surgery

What is cartilage?

Cartilage is a smooth connective tissue that is found throughout your body, serving many purposes. In your joints, cartilage covers the ends of your bones. It’s often called articular cartilages because it provides cushioning and protection to your bones where they meet in a joint — or articulate. You also have meniscus cartilage in your knees, which provides additional cushioning.

Cartilage reduces the friction created when you move and use your joints and also acts as a shock absorber to reduce the pressure and stress on your joints. When your cartilage is damaged or wears away due to a condition like osteoarthritis, your joints are left unprotected and end up with painful inflammation.

What is cartilage surgery?

Cartilage surgery is a procedure where Dr. Blatz repairs or removes damaged cartilage. They most often perform cartilage surgery on knees although other it can repair other joints. Cartilage surgery is often an effective treatment for injuries to otherwise healthy joints. However, if you have advanced osteoarthritis and your cartilage has worn away, you may benefit from other therapies.

Why would I need cartilage surgery?

Dr. Blatz performs cartilage surgery to reduce joint pain, restore functionality, and slow the degenerative process. They use cartilage surgery to remove or repair damaged tissue. For example, if you have a meniscus tear, Dr. Blatz can perform a cartilage surgery to repair your meniscus or trim away damaged tissue to reduce your pain.

What should I expect during cartilage surgery?

Whenever possible, Dr. Blatz performs cartilage surgery using arthroscopic surgical techniques. Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure designed specifically for diagnosing and treating injuries and degenerative conditions in your joints.

The procedure gets its name from the arthroscope, a thin surgical tube with a light and camera mounted on its tip that sends images from inside your knee to a monitor in the treatment room. These images allow Dr. Blatz to see the inside of your joint without having to make a large incision in your knee.

Dr. Blatz delivers the surgery using specially designed surgical tools that are inserted into your joint through small incisions. They are able to assess your cartilage damage, remove loose tissue and debris, and make repairs to your joint.

You will need to take some time out of work, school, and your regular activities to recover from your surgery. Dr. Blatz provides specific and customized instructions on how to rest and take care of your joints during your recovery.

Call or schedule a consultation online today to learn more about cartilage surgery and if you’re a suitable candidate.