Muscle Tears and Regenerative Treatment Options

Muscle tears can be a real problematic situation for athletes young and old. New reasearch has come out showing that you may be able to use your own blood to help heal these injuries. Dr. Jason Dragoo recently discovered that you can take your own whole blood, separate the plasma and inject it into acute muscle tears. It was found that this type of platelet-poor plasma actually stimulated growth of new muscle cells more than any other type of tissue used. If you find you have a muscle tear, come into PRISM to find out if you are a candiate for this type of muscluar treatment.

Brice W. Blatz MD, MS Dr. Brice W. Blatz MD, MS is a double-board certified physician and medical director at Pacific Regenerative and Interventional Sports Medicine in San Jose, CA. He specializes in non-operative and minimally invasive options for arthritis, tendon problems and plantar fasciitis.

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