Hear Dr. Brice Blatz talk about future advancements in Regenerative Medicine on March 7th @ 4PM PST

Register on thedoctorshour.com to hear a webinar hosted by Dr. Brice Blatz discussing several exciting new advances in regenerative orthopedic and sports medicine therapies for arthritis and chronic tendon problems. If you have been suffering from arthritis pain or a chronic tendon pain issue for awhile, these new therapies may be a great option. Dr. Blatz will be discussing new ways to help heal the diseased bone that is often associated with arthritis. New procedures involving tendon problems will be explored and what the future may look like for improvement of these tissues.


Regsiter on thedoctorshour.com for the webinar scheduled this Thursday, March 7th @ 4PM PST

Brice W. Blatz MD, MS Dr. Brice W. Blatz MD, MS is a double-board certified physician and medical director at Pacific Regenerative and Interventional Sports Medicine in San Jose, CA. He specializes in non-operative and minimally invasive options for arthritis, tendon problems and plantar fasciitis.

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